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We are ready to operate!

the faa cleared us to fly

using the new FAA Part 107



Get Aerial Creatively

We're not afraid to get on our knees and get our hands dirty to make a shot happen.  That's why we've gone through all the bureaucracy required to safely and legally fly a VideoDrone for you.

   Daily, we're putting in practice flight time on our aircraft to keep us sharp for capturing all the creative shots you have in your head. :-)

Get Aerial Legally


All our operations are executed in compliance with Title14 of the US Code of Federal Regulations Part 107 (the "Drone" regulations)   


   In addition to having the legally required training, our FAA Certificated Remote Pilots use 2-way radios when legal to communicate with pilots of 'manned' aircraft during our operations. 

Get Aerial Safely

Our company's internal procedures are set up to follow all of the safety guidelines prescribed by the FAA.  This includes:


  • conducting pre-flight checks

  • maintaining visual contact with the drone

  • flying in VFR conditions (safe weather)

  • flying within legal limits above ground

About Angel Andres Videography, LLC

  Based in the United States in the beautiful Colorado area, Angel Andres Videography, LLC was started by professional videographer and private pilot Angel Andres Rosado in 2008.

    To build up capital funds, Angel chose to take a more conservative approach.  Instead of taking out business loans, he chose to shoot weddings and occasionally work with any marketing company who was willing to give him a chance to prove himself. 


     Prove himself he has.


     He and his team of energetic, freelance videographers and editors have added over 50, high quality productions to their resume, and a small amount of cash to help the company move to this next level of videography. 

     A higher level per se ;-)


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