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I've been a videographer since 1999.  Before then, I really wanted to be an airplane pilot.  You know, one of those aerobatic stunt people or maybe flying those large jets you see leaving those puffy white trails in the sky. 

With no money for school, I just hopped on the bus to my local community college back home in Colorado Springs.

Too late!  It turned out that the aviation related courses were discontinued just a semester ealier.  Bummer, to say the least.  I tossed my course catalog in the nearest garbage can and charged towards the exit.  That's when I walked by the college radio station.


"Well, you were going to quit anyway,"  Dick Chase, the director of the college's telecom department, convinced me to just, "sign up for the introduction to tv course and just see if you like it."


I liked it.


My first job at ABC affiliate KRDO-TV got me through learning the basics of capturing that "steady, sequenced video" and "clear, crisp audio" that's so much a part of my shooting style now.  Shooting that way gives my work a solid and professional look.  Almost like a film.

Then, other "cameraman" jobs eventually lead to my current career with FOX affiliate KDVR-TV in Denver, where I learned the importance of capturing "moments".  That's the secret to making video memorable.  Moments.

Today, I'm a happy "Videojournalist" for KDVR and now, making pictures that move, for you!


                                                                                                            Angel Andres


P.S. I don't give up easily, so after a few years, I finally
saved the money (with the help of some great clients)

and earned that pilot's license. 
Wooo hoo!

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